Guillaume Witz
Bioimage Analyst @ University of Bern

After a decade spent doing research in biophysics (PhD EPFL) and microbiology (Harvard, Biozentrum), Guillaume has been responsible since 2018 for bioimage analysis and big data support at the Microcscopy Imaging Center (MIC) and the Science IT Support (ScITS) group of Bern University. He helps scientists from the Medical, Veterinary and Science Faculties to make the best out of their microscopy imaging data by 1) providing advice on image processing software, 2) writing automation scripts for software like Fiji and 3) developing custom code in Python for advanced applications often involving Machine and Deep Learning. He also regularly gives courses mostly centered on Python and Jupyter from introductions to scientific computing (Numpy, Pandas etc.) to distributed computing (Dask, HPC) and deep learning for imaging (PyTorch).

Background: Physics, Microbiology.

Current interests: Distributed computing and Deep Learning for bioimage analysis.

Areas of expertise: Bioimage analysis, High Performance Computing, Jupyter and JupyterHubs

BIA tools: Python, Fiji, CellProfiler, ilastik, Imaris, MATLAB.

For more information, please see personal scientific homepage.