The Swiss BioImage Analysts’ Society is a network for and by bioimage analysts working in Switzerland. It was founded in early 2021 during a video-conference, by an initial group of 25 participants.

This is a community effort driven by all members, with flexible degrees of involvement: If there is something you would like to see done, the fastest way may well be to just do it.

We purposefully run this as a shoe-string operation, with the declared goal of keeping administrative overhead minimal — no newsletters, no board meetings, no reports.

Why this society exists

Its members seek synergies on the following points:

  • Knowledge exchange: Both technical and political
  • Collaborations: Facilitating collaborations on projects
  • Teaching: Sharing training material and organising events
  • Grant writing: Collaborate on grant applications
  • Visibility: Define the role of bioimage analysts

Who this is for and how to join

The target group is people working in Switzerland that self-identify as bioimage analysts: This includes facility and technical staff, group leaders, postdocs, and students from universities as well as industry. If you are interested, email us, and we will invite you to join our SLACK workspace and monthly Zoom meetings.

New to this field? Looking for a forum, lists of software, info about training schools and conferences, etc.?
Some key resources for Bioimage Analysis can be found under resources.