Olivier Burri
Bioimage Analyst @ EPFL

BIOP: BioImaging & Optics Platform

Oli has been working at the BIOP since 2010 after a successful Masters in Computational Biology. He is responsible, along with Romain Guiet and Nicolas Chiaruttini, for the advice and follow up of student projects involving microscopy and quantification within the faculty of Life Sciences at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. On top of that, he is responsible for part of the group’s IT infrastructure and server maintenance and being the token bald guy of the group.

Background: Bioengineering, Computational Biology.

Current interests: Teaching bioimage analysis, using Deep Learning approaches to to bioimage analysis. Logos. Producing meaningful documentation for developers and users through C4Science

Areas of expertise: Bioimage analysis, Whole Slide Imaging, Websites, IT hardware.

Common BIA tools:* Fiji, CellProfiler, ilastik, Imaris, QuPath, OMERO.

Spoken Languages: Groovy, Java, JavaScript, MATLAB, Python, R, Ruby, PHP, French, English, Spanish.

Online presence: